In early 2016 ModernEpic was accepted into the Google/GoPro Limited Access Partnership for creating immersive VR content.  We shoot with the incredible Odyssey Camera Array and are able to rely on Google for all our post-production stitching services.  This partnership has allowed us to offer the best VR production technologies available today.


360 Video

All the videos on this page are presented in 3D-360.  You can click and drag on the videos to look around.  For the best experience, watch with your favorite VR headset and the Vimeo360 App available online, and for iOS and Android here.


Sinnerman is an immersive VR dance experience created in collaboration with the Grind Arts Company and Eamon Foley.


A VR promo for the The Armored Combat League (ACL) that puts you in the middle of knightly combat.



ModernEpic's first scripted VR drama.  In production Spring 2017.


News From Around The World of VR: 

Sir David Attenborough - the world's most famous naturalist and documentary film maker will be appear as a hologram in the Natural History Museum of London's new Virtual Reality interactive famous fossil exhibit.  Find out more here